Women Empowerment – A perspective

A much spoken about issue around the world is Women Empowerment. We hear it from politicians, celebrities, social activists and so on.

Women Empowerment in simplest words means to give power or authority to women.

What power exactly are we talking about?

More women are getting degrees than men and are playing bigger role as workers, executives, entrepreneurs, managers, investors and so on.

Lot of discussions and debates are heard and read about – tools for women empowerment, the benefits and a lot of barriers towards women empowerment and how they should be overcome.

It would be interesting to know different perspectives about women empowerment from different women whom we meet or encounter in our lives. What does it mean to each of them? What empowerment means to each woman may be different and complex.


So I asked a few women around me about their take on women empowerment and here are the responses that I received –

  • Massum Pawar – Academic Co-ordinator

“An empowered woman is a woman who has the power to take her own decisions and stick to them at all times. A woman with power to control her life, knows her rights and claims them when needed. She is unchained, free in thoughts and actions.”

  •  S. Patkar – Entrepreneur – Digital Media

Mentally strong and healthy, highly energetic, very good in communication such that people get influenced by her, a woman who is in control and has an aura she carries along with her is an empowered woman according to me.”

  • Sujata Shetty – Architect

An empowered woman is energetic and strong-willed. She is sharp, witty and kind.”

  • Deepali Parkar – Entrepreneur

“A strong woman who is an inspiration to others, a woman who has the right amount of grace and grit to shape her life and a will, determination and freedom to achieve her ambitions is an empowered woman.”

  • Vaishali Kamat – Homemaker  

“A woman who has the power and freedom of decision-making and is in control of her life, thoughts and actions, is an empowered woman. She is determined and positively motivated and can be an inspiration to the people around her.”

  • Kajal Sharma – Human Resource Consultant

An empowered woman is financially independent, determined and has the authority of decision-making. She is ambitious and a respected member of the society.”

  • Deepa Valecha – Customer Service-Head (Telecom)

Women empowerment means equal rights and opportunities given to women compared to their male counterparts in every arena of life, be it financial, professional, personal and social. Women now are enabled to take more personal decisions, about their higher education, marriage, etc.”

Many Indian women are now demanding visibility and a share within their family, at work and in society.

May we all continue to be empowered.


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