Book Review – The Story of Us by Dani Atkins


Title: The Story of Us
Author: Dani Atkins
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Published: 14th August 2014

Tragedy befalls on Emma and her two best-friends, Amy and Caroline, while returning from the hen party. Life is never the same again.

Emma is about to get married to her childhood sweetheart Richard but on the fateful night of the accident, an American stranger, Jack comes to her rescue. Emma feels an intense connection with Jack Monroe. Its about Emma’s dilemma about drifting away from Richard, of course with a convincing reason,  and being drawn towards Jack.

The author has successfully woven the story about Emma’s feelings, of dealing with being betrayed by her friend Amy and Richard, and also her efforts in trying to deal with grief and forgiveness at the same time. The emotional turmoil can be felt by the reader.

Also, Dani Atkins has depicted how Alzheimer’s can affect not only the person suffering from it but also what the family members or care-givers feel or undergo, with great sensitivity by her character etching and description of incidents about Emma’s mother, Frances Marshall, who suffers from this ailment.

This is a love story that touches the heart and it is definitely a compelling read.

About the Author: Dani Atkins lives with her family in Hertfordshire. Her first book, Fractured, became a bestseller in 2013. The Story of Us is her second novel and was published in 2014.

Facebook: DaniAtkinsAuthor

Twitter: @AtkinsDani

You can grab a copy of this book HERE. It is available in both Kindle Edition and Paperback.



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