A Game of Poker


Couple of months ago I decided to host Poker parties at home. I had to learn to play poker first as I had only seen it on television or movies earlier. No one I knew of, played poker. So after asking a few friends and acquaintances, I realized that Google would be my teacher. So I went through many websites recommended by google.com to take lessons in poker. After a few days of reading about the game, it was time to try it out. So I had to download a game of poker on my android phone. After a month I figured out that I learnt enough to at least win some games with the android phone so it was time to bring in the human element. So I asked a couple of friends to join me at home for a game of poker. I had to teach them how to play but they picked up pretty fast compared to the time I spent on Google and Android. So after three poker parties in a month, I got a few insights from this brilliant game of cards.

  • Be on guard.

Your posture and expressions can give away a lot more than you may know. A fidgeting finger or a simple frown or a causal smile can change the course of the game. Control your reactions and emotions.

  • Learn when to let go.

Knowing when to hold ‘em or when to fold ‘em is the key. Being emotional on holding on when you can cut the losses by folding can cost you a lot.

  • Life isn’t fair.

Stop cribbing about a weak hand and use the hand you are dealt with. You may be surprised that even a pair of deuces can sometimes be powerful enough to win the game.

  • Poker can teach you a lot about yourself and others.

This game teaches a lot of behavioural and psychological aspects of yourself you didn’t know about as well as of others.

  • Know when to bluff and when not to.

You can’t always bluff; neither can you always play without bluffing. Its all about your image when it comes to bluffing. Be unpredictable enough so the opponent will not be able to catch it.

  • Strategize.

Hone your instincts and strategize your moves. Shift gears and keep the opponents off-balance.

  • Its just a game.

Be a good loser in case you lose. Throwing a fit of rage or getting very upset will do no good. It’s a lesson in sportsmanship. Play and have fun.

If there are any poker players reading this, feel free to add lessons you have learned in the comments.

Oh, I love poker!!! Do you?



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