Kim Taught Me……

Yes, I am referring to Kim Kardashian and No; she doesn’t even know that I exist.

It is in recent times that I realized the importance of socializing and being a complete introvert, I found myself fumbling miserably in the social scene. After reading articles on ‘how to socialize’ on Google, I still couldn’t understand and implement it in real life. That’s when Kim rescued me, well not literally but virtually, by her famous game Kim Kardashian : Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian

I had to download the game on my android phone and there began my journey into the virtual world to become a socialite/celebrity. The game starts with me being on E list and I was supposed to rise to A list.

So on my journey to A list in this virtual world, I learnt a few things I would like to list out


 Talk to everyone.

Small Talk

Get over your parents advise of “Don’t talk to strangers”. Just talk to everyone. Introduce yourself to people. Start conversations. Silence will get you nowhere. Network with everyone. It’s an era of networking. Isolation would do no good.


Dress impeccably

Dress impeccably

If you want to get noticed in the social scene, be glamorous. You need to have a huge wardrobe comprising of the best of dresses, footwear, accessories and handbags. You never know whom you would walk into across the street so be your best dressed at all times.


Dating is costly


Romance is expensive as it needs plush restaurants, exquisite food and wine. According to this game, it is mandatory to go on dates else you could be dumped and lose your popularity.


Throw parties


Hosting parties can make you very popular so learn to be a good host. You can get a lot of fans by throwing lavish parties at your home.


You need a lot of energy


Stamina is essential in this race. Without energy, not even the simplest of tasks can be performed. It takes a lot of energy to walk the ramp, attend promotional events, throw parties, and attend parties or even for dating. Maintain your energy levels.

Now that’s called ‘Play and Learn’.



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