Book Review: Suspended Animation by Shweta Ganesh Kumar


Suspended Animation


Title: Suspended Animation: Short Stories of those who wait

Author: Shweta Ganesh Kumar

Editor: Anirban Bose

Publisher: Cresco Books


Suspended Animation is a collection of 22 short stories of ordinary folks and their lives where constant waiting is a reality of life. The stories are set in places like Loch Inverness in Scotland, Puerto Galera and Manila in the Philippines, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kerala.

All the 22 stories in this book, are based on the unifying theme of waiting. Shweta Ganesh Kumar wonderfully depicts the pangs of frustration created by the anticipation brought about by the suspended time. The lives of ordinary people, whom we can relate to, are narrated realistically in the form of these short stories.

The first story, The Matrimonial Clock, was something that I could perfectly understand as I have been through the same gamut of emotions like Tara, the thirty-six year old protagonist of the story went through. I couldn’t keep aside the book after reading this first story. The issue of global warming is also touched upon in an interesting manner in one of the stories.

The stories are short, crisp, and simple yet interesting and leaves the reader wanting to know more of what happens beyond the suspended time. This book is a compelling read and I must say, this is the best collection of short stories that I have read. I would recommend this to all the readers.


About the Author:

Shweta Ganesh Kumar is the bestselling author of ‘Coming Up On The Show’ and ‘Between The Headlines’, two novels on the Indian Broadcast News industry. Her last worldwide release ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land,’ a modern take on Alice In Wonderland has been getting rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Her travel columns have been featured in The New Indian Express, One Philippines and Geo. Her non-fiction pieces have appeared in multiple Indian editions of the Chicken Soup series. Her short fiction has been published in more than twenty anthologies and online literary magazines in more than four continents. She has a monthly travel column called ‘Trippin With Shweta’ in Travel and Flavours Magazine. Shweta currently lives in The Philippines with her husband and two-year old daughter.


****I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review.



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