Book Review: 52 Steps to Murder by Steve Demaree


Title: 52 Steps to Murder

Author: Steve Demaree

Genre: Mystery

Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock of Hilldale Police Department solve this police procedural mystery of an elderly woman, Mrs. Nelson at the Hilltop Place. The name of the story is derived from the fact that it takes a climb of 52 steps to reach the door of the murdered woman. The overweight detective duo find it difficult to reach the residents of the Hilltop Place as they have to tackle the 52 steps for their investigations and find it daunting and exhausting. The Hilltop Place though located high above ground level is inter-connected by underground tunnels. The niece, the neighbors, the mailman, the maid or the attorney, anyone could be the killer.

The story line is interesting. There is a touch of humor as the investigation goes on. There are enough twists and turns to keep the readers engaged. When I read, Murder at Breakfast, prior to this book I found the narrative and description of food and exercise, a little excessive for my tastes but this book had far less accounts of the lunch and dinners of the detective duo.

Overall, this is a good book to relax with if you love the old-fashioned whodunits.

52 Steps to Murder by Steve Demaree is available on



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