Book Review: In the Fog by John Meany


Title: In the Fog (A Murder Mystery)

Author: John Meany

Genre: Mystery


Frank and Dora Parker, a retired, elderly couple was out fishing in the nearby Lake Wakanda, as the fog rolls down from the mountains. On the lakeshore, Frank sees a girl who looks like Cameron Diaz, emerge from the woods. She is soaking wet with a knife in her hand. Frank tries to call her aloud to see if she needs any help but she can’t hear him. A man appears with her who has a mustache like Adolf Hitler and he takes the knife from the girl. He then stabs an unmoving object what appears from afar, to be a body wearing red jogging suit. Together they drag the body, weigh it down with sand bags, flip it into the boat and dump it in the water. Frank keeps telling Dora about what he sees.  Dora, struggles to see through the thick fog but even with the help of binoculars, she is unable to see any person around them. She feels Frank’s mind is failing due to Alzheimer’s and wonders if he has once again taken to drinking.

To Dora’s humiliation, Frank goes to the Police Station to report the incident. The police initially do not believe in Frank’s story. They consider him to be a senile old man. To his dismay, Frank turns out to be the primary suspect when a little later a skeleton is pulled out of the lake with the red jogging outfit on it. The time element according to the police doesn’t match, as the body cannot decompose so rapidly. This is where the plot thickens.

Seventy nine year old Frank suffering from Alzheimer’s reminds me of my father who suffered a similar fate in terms of the illness. I could relate to Dora’s plight and feelings, as I understand how it feels to be a family member of an Alzheimer’s patient.

This is one solid mystery. The plot is well developed and intriguing. Editing could be better but for a good mystery lover, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It held my interest to the very end of the book.

I highly recommend this heart-wrenching story.



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