Flash Fiction: Yes, I do!

The heavy wooden door creaked as her delicate hands pushed it open.

Alice crept back into the room. It was kept locked for years. Five years to be precise. The air was dry and musky. She wondered how it would feel to live in this room. The household help of the mansion were wary of going near the locked door. She heard them murmur to each other about the haunted room. The maids were tight-lipped around her and no one opened up to her in the last two years. She felt like a queen trapped in a haunted house. Trevor always clammed up at the mere mention of his dead wife, Mary.

Her eyes adjusted to the darkness in a few moments. Moonlight streaked through glass panes of the dimly lit room. It was huge with a king-size bed at the center. Alice tiptoed towards the dressing table across the room. There she saw the gleaming diamond stud earrings she had set her heart on. This was not the first time she had sneaked in. Her heart fluttered with a mixture of fear and excitement. With trembling fingers she reached out for the huge sparkling diamonds.

“I hope you don’t mind, Mary,” she whispered.

“Yes, I do!” A hand burst through the mirror of the dresser, grabbing her wrist.


Damn my dream, she thought as she woke up drenched in sweat. Trevor was sleeping peacefully besides her.



© 2016 Shilpa Niraj, All rights reserved.

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