Book 3: Live on Amazon


My new release, Fatal Indiscretion, is now live on Amazon. Here’s the link :



Nathan Maxwell is found dead in his suite by the housekeeper on a Monday morning. There was no doubt about the cause of death. A single bullet straight into the heart.

Inspector Jonas McQuain is dispatched to Tiscayne Bay to investigate this baffling mystery. Along with Constable Pryce, McQuain has to probe into the life of the people at the Maxwell Grange. The victim has left his entire fortune to his nephew, the charming Eric Barton, who happens to be deep in debt.

In course of their investigations, they make surprising discoveries.

Maxwell was secretly engaged to be married to the grocer’s daughter, Verity. A disgruntled business partner was unhappy with the fact that Maxwell had backed out from his new project leaving him in a lurch. Is the victim’s sister, Catherine, as frail as she appears to be? Things get complicated when a young maid is poisoned. With the murder weapon missing and no tangible leads, will the police be able to discover the truth and unmask the murderer?

Who wanted Nathan dead and can McQuain and Pryce finally bring him justice?


Also by Shilpa Niraj

Book 1: A Murder Gone Wrong

Book 2: Silhouette of the Past





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