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Silhouette of the Past is FREE on Kindle this weekend.

Sometimes it’s best to keep the past dead and buried……

A stormy day, a corpse and a group of suspects.

Three years after the death of Maribeth, seven people have gathered together at the same place for a business deal. Little do they know that they were about to witness another death at the Tiscayne Country Club. This time there is no ambiguity. It is murder! Unfortunately, Amber Levinson, who had gone to deliver the gardening supplies to the club on that stormy day, gets caught into the web of deceit of these powerful and influential people.

When Detective Myers points a finger of blame at Amber as his prime suspect, she has to figure out who the killer was. With the help of her assistant Dave and cousin Marlene, she starts digging into the secrets and motives of the people at the country club.

Can Amber unravel the mystery and solve the murder to prove her innocence?

Find out in this cozy mystery novella, The Silhouette of the Past.

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My Debut Novella: Cover Reveal + Giveaway


Today I’m pleased to reveal the cover of my debut book, A Murder Gone WrongIt is a short mystery novella and is scheduled to release on in July 2016. It will be available worldwide in eBook format. Have a look at the cover and read the synopsis of this book. For all the mystery lovers’ out there, there is a Giveaway to win a free e-ARC of this book. Enjoy!

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Book Review: 52 Steps to Murder by Steve Demaree


Title: 52 Steps to Murder

Author: Steve Demaree

Genre: Mystery

Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock of Hilldale Police Department solve this police procedural mystery of an elderly woman, Mrs. Nelson at the Hilltop Place. The name of the story is derived from the fact that it takes a climb of 52 steps to reach the door of the murdered woman. The overweight detective duo find it difficult to reach the residents of the Hilltop Place as they have to tackle the 52 steps for their investigations and find it daunting and exhausting. The Hilltop Place though located high above ground level is inter-connected by underground tunnels. The niece, the neighbors, the mailman, the maid or the attorney, anyone could be the killer.

The story line is interesting. There is a touch of humor as the investigation goes on. There are enough twists and turns to keep the readers engaged. When I read, Murder at Breakfast, prior to this book I found the narrative and description of food and exercise, a little excessive for my tastes but this book had far less accounts of the lunch and dinners of the detective duo.

Overall, this is a good book to relax with if you love the old-fashioned whodunits.

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Book Reviews: A few Cozy Mysteries

Thanks to and Kindle, I have developed a sudden and strong affinity towards quick, cozy murder mysteries. I am on a reading spree of all these books like a voracious yet starved reader who can’t get enough.

What I liked about these books the most is:

  • They are short, so they are quick to read.
  • The plots are not very complicated so the readers don’t get lost in the crowd of characters and detailing.
  • There is no description of violence or gory details about the murders.
  • The main lead of all these stories are women.

Here are some short reviews of the eBooks I recently read.

Progressive Dinner Deadly (A Myrtle Clover Mystery #3) by Elizabeth Spann Craig


This book is an entertaining read. Myrtle Clover is a lovable, elderly sleuth investigating a murder in her small town, Bradley. Her attempts to improve her book club fails and the book club converts into a dinner club to her dismay. She reluctantly participates only to find the night turn into a ghastly murder scene. What follows is Myrtle’s attempts to find the murderer. There is humor and intrigue woven together in a good combination. I enjoyed reading this book. It is indeed a cozy mystery.


Death Comes to Town (Darcy Sweet, #1) by K.J. Emrick

Death comes to town

At 113 pages its a good book to relax with on a lazy afternoon. The story is not so complicated yet an element of mystery is present, along with a touch of super-natural which is amusing and interesting. Darcy Sweet, a book shop owner living in the sleepy town of Misty Hollow is a simple woman who has inherited a house and the book shop from her great aunt Millie. She has a sixth sense of feeling the presence of the other world entities. Unfortunately she is dragged into the murder of her neighbor Anna and how the story unfolds thereafter is what the book is all about. Overall, it is an enjoyable read with a cup of coffee to go with.


The St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Massacre (Hatter’s Cove Gazette Mystery, #1) by Elisabeth Crabtree


This story is about Kat Archer, a reluctant food columnist who gets involved in a murder when she is invited to ‘Cookie Jar’ for its opening on the Valentine’s day so she could write a review. Kat was considered a harsh critic as she wrote reviews about restaurants in Hatter’s Cove that got her a lot of hate mail. She wants to be an investigative journalist rather than write food columns at the local newspaper. Kat finds herself at the center stage of a murder which she feels is related to another murder, which had happened in the past. So she decides to get to the core of it. The plot is interesting, not too many complications. The book is a quick and cozy read.


A Secret Killer (Julia Blake Murder Mystery #4) by Gillian Larkin 

Secret Killer

I had read another one of this series, Virtually Scared to Death by Gillian Larkin, so while reading this book I felt I already know Julia Blake and her habit of finding a corpse while she is cleaning a house for her client. This time it was Hugo Barnes, a genealogist. Julia had taken under her wings, Andrew Cain, an ex-convict as an employee, since she believed Cain was wrongly convicted and deserved a second chance in life. However, Cain gets arrested for the murder of Hugo and Julia wants to solve this mystery to prove Cain’s innocence. This is a simple yet interesting murder mystery which I enjoyed reading and would recommend to the readers who love short cozy mysteries.


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