Book Review : Murder and Moonflowers by Leslie Leigh




The protagonist of this story, Melissa Michaels is a Herbalist/Dietician operating a market in the sleepy town of Catalonia, Arizona. One of her clients, Lauryl dies under mysterious circumstances from something that even the Medical Examiner cannot decipher. This gives rise to lot of gossip and speculations and the sheriff also has Melissa under suspicion. Who could be the killer? Is it Lauryl’s boyfriend, Nash or her niece, Cindy or someone else from the town? Fortunately, an unknown friend hires a Private Investigator, Brian to help Melissa and the two of them together race against time to solve this mystery.

Personally, I adore the genre of Mystery and this story has an interesting plot to keep me captivated from the start to the end. I loved the small town feel of Arizona. This is also a quick read as the book is just over 100 pages. All-in all I really enjoyed reading Murder and Moonflowers and would recommend it to readers who love mystery.

Author: Leslie Leigh

Series: The Herbalist

Published: Feb. 24, 2015

Genre: Mystery

Format: eBook

Pages: 117

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