New Release: Silhouette of the Past

Excited to announce that my new eBook Silhouette of the Past has just been published! This is the second book in the Tiscayne Mystery Series and is available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle store for $0.99.

Sometimes it’s best to keep the past dead and buried……

A stormy day, a corpse and a group of suspects.

Three years after the death of Maribeth, seven people have gathered together at the same place for a business deal. Little do they know that they were about to witness another death at the Tiscayne Country Club. This time there is no ambiguity. It is murder! Unfortunately, Amber Levinson, who had gone to deliver the gardening supplies to the club on that stormy day, gets caught into the web of deceit of these powerful and influential people.

When Detective Myers points a finger of blame at Amber as his prime suspect, she has to figure out who the killer was. With the help of her assistant Dave and cousin Marlene, she starts digging into the secrets and motives of the people at the country club.

Can Amber unravel the mystery and solve the murder to prove her innocence?

Find out in this cozy mystery novella, The Silhouette of the Past.



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Today only, Saturday the 16th, A Murder Gone Wrong is free on Amazon. Click here to download. If you have any problems with the link you can go to and simply type in the name of the book.

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A murder at Vintage High!!

Amy has everything in life. A loving husband, a huge mansion, a thriving business and wonderful friends. What more could she ask for? Until one fateful night, a weekend full of celebrations, turned into a disaster.

A killer has donned the mask of friendship. What did Amy do to deserve this?

She blinked to clear the haze that blurred her vision. Someone shrieked. Amy wanted to cry out loud but felt paralyzed. This couldn’t be true. ‘May be it is just a nightmare,’ she thought. She couldn’t be more wrong. Siren echoed in the distance. Coming closer. Moments later, people in uniform were around. Someone held her and walked her to the sofa. She looked around. Nothing made sense. When the policemen walked in, she realized it was going to be a long night.

A night she would remember as long as she lived.

Nothing will ever be the same again at Vintage High.

A house party had culminated into a crime scene. Can Inspector Hugh Sowell solve this case before the killer strikes again?

A Murder Gone Wrong is now available from Amazon in Kindle edition.

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Book Review: Shadow of a Butterfly – The Case of the Harmless Old Woman by J. A. Menzies


Title: Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman

Author: J. A. Menzies

Genre: Mystery

Length: 408 pages

Publisher: MurderWillOut Mysteries

Publication Year: 2015

I loved the style of writing of author J. A. Menzies when I read her earlier book- Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife. I had written a small review of this book on Goodreads. I went ahead and bought an eBook from amazon of her short story: The Case of the Sneezing Accountant and I was amazed by the author’s skill of writing a police procedural mystery in the form of a short story. So when I received an eARC of her new book: Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman, I was absolutely thrilled. I have become a fan of Paul Manziuk and Jacquie Ryan mystery series.

One of the residents of Serenity Suites, a high-rise luxury condominium for seniors in Toronto, is killed. Who would want to kill an elderly woman suffering with dementia? There seems to be no motive for the murder. The police investigation procedure led by Inspector Paul Maziuk and Constable Ryan, uncovers lot of hidden secrets from the residents’ past. Many of them have known each other since they were young. Are the clues hidden in the past? Are the deaths that occurred earlier connected to each other or is there a serial killer on the loose?

The story is beautifully woven with intricate details and the author has succeeded to keep the readers guessing almost till the end. The plot has interesting twists and the story is absorbing enough that I couldn’t keep away from the book after the murder takes place. The subplots are knitted together perfectly. The characters are well etched and the vivid description of the settings gave me a feeling of actually being in the Serenity Suites where the story unfolds.

I loved this book and would recommend it to all the mystery lovers.

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**** I received a free eARC of this book from the author. The views expressed here are my own and unbiased.