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“I owe everything I am and everything I will ever be to books.” ― Gary Paulsen, Shelf Life: Stories by the Book


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Book Review: 7 Mystery & Suspense Short Stories by J. A. Menzies


Author: J. A. Menzies

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: MurderWillOut Mysteries

Publication Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781927692226

I have read a couple of books written by author J. A. Menzies, Shadow of a Butterfly – The Case of the Harmless Old Woman and Shaded Light – The Case of The Tactless Trophy Wife and I must say that I am a fan of her mysteries. Her new release is a collection of stories – 7 Mystery & Suspense Short Stories. With each story, the author has written a note as to where the idea of the story initiated in her mind and how the story developed.

These are seven well-crafted, riveting mysteries that keep the readers guessing.

The first story Revenge So Sweet is full of intriguing twists and turns so much so that when I felt I know what would happen next, the story takes another turn. It is about a middle-aged woman Beth who is on a mission of revenge.

Just out for a drive is a tale of a young hitchhiker who is picked up by an old man with a mission.

They Can’t Take That Away From Me is a story about a troubled young man, who on his 21st birthday, realizes who and what he is.

Dying with Things Unsaid is a story of a fifty-four-year-old dying woman, Mary Kline. She realizes that she needs to tell her children about a crime she’s kept hidden for many years.

The Day Time Stood Still is about a real estate agent, who discovers something from her past when she pays a visit to a house she’s agreed to sell.

Living on the Edge is a tale of four men awaiting the end in a palliative care ward of a hospital.

The Case of the Sneezing Accountant is a short police procedural mystery. If not for a fortunate sneeze, there could have been a murder. Detective Paul Manziuk and his partner Jacquie Ryan have to decide which of the four suspects threw the knife.

The plot ideas of the seven stories are diverse and interesting.

I will say that not even one of the short stories had me anticipating the actual ending, a very fine recommendation in itself. The stories will keep you absorbed and entertained.

This book is indeed a real treat for all the intrigue enthusiasts!


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**** I received a free eARC of this book from the author. The views expressed here are my own and unbiased.



Book Review: Shadow of a Butterfly – The Case of the Harmless Old Woman by J. A. Menzies


Title: Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman

Author: J. A. Menzies

Genre: Mystery

Length: 408 pages

Publisher: MurderWillOut Mysteries

Publication Year: 2015

I loved the style of writing of author J. A. Menzies when I read her earlier book- Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife. I had written a small review of this book on Goodreads. I went ahead and bought an eBook from amazon of her short story: The Case of the Sneezing Accountant and I was amazed by the author’s skill of writing a police procedural mystery in the form of a short story. So when I received an eARC of her new book: Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of the Harmless Old Woman, I was absolutely thrilled. I have become a fan of Paul Manziuk and Jacquie Ryan mystery series.

One of the residents of Serenity Suites, a high-rise luxury condominium for seniors in Toronto, is killed. Who would want to kill an elderly woman suffering with dementia? There seems to be no motive for the murder. The police investigation procedure led by Inspector Paul Maziuk and Constable Ryan, uncovers lot of hidden secrets from the residents’ past. Many of them have known each other since they were young. Are the clues hidden in the past? Are the deaths that occurred earlier connected to each other or is there a serial killer on the loose?

The story is beautifully woven with intricate details and the author has succeeded to keep the readers guessing almost till the end. The plot has interesting twists and the story is absorbing enough that I couldn’t keep away from the book after the murder takes place. The subplots are knitted together perfectly. The characters are well etched and the vivid description of the settings gave me a feeling of actually being in the Serenity Suites where the story unfolds.

I loved this book and would recommend it to all the mystery lovers.

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**** I received a free eARC of this book from the author. The views expressed here are my own and unbiased.


Book Review: Tender Deceit by H. Y. Hanna

Book: Tender Deceit

Author: H.Y. Hanna

Publisher: Wisheart Press

Published: June 2014

First love. Second chance.

This book is a sweet blend of mystery and romance.

After spending 12 years in London, Leah had to return to Singapore for her father’s funeral. An apparent hit and run accident of her father turns out to be more than what meets the eye. Her childhood crush, her first love, Toran James, involved in a rumored yatch explosion, meets her in Singapore and together they set out to solve the mystery of her father’s death. There is a restrained passion between Leah and Toran in the midst of suspicion and mystery surrounding the investigation. Was her father’s death just an accident? Will Leah trust Toran? Since the end of the story does not give closure to Leah and Toran’s relationship, readers are left with a few questions, wanting to know what happens further. Will Leah and Toran meet again? This thought would make them grab the next book of this series. Overall, Tender Deceit is well written and an enjoyable read. Leah and Toran’s story continues in the second book of the TENDER Series, called Tender Treachery.


About the Author: H.Y. Hanna was born in Taiwan and grew up in United Arab Emirates. She was schooled in U.K. and U.S. and worked in London in advertising before emigrating Down Under. She is an award-winning author of children’s mystery series, and also writes mysteries and romantic thrillers. To know more about H.Y. Hanna, do visit her Website:


5 reasons why I love Perry Mason

To those who do not know Perry Mason, here is a brief introduction. Perry Mason is a main character of the detective fiction written by Erle Stanley Gardner. He is a criminal defense lawyer who establishes the innocence of his clients by brilliant detective work and strategies. More than 80 novels have featured Perry Mason. No. This is not a book review. These are just my personal thoughts about the famous fictional character. Now back to the reasons why I love Perry Mason:

  • Perry has an uncanny ability to think beyond the obvious.

In The Case of the Caretaker’s Cat, he says: “Remember one thing about me – when I start fighting I don’t hit where the other man’s expecting the punch. I always hit in an unexpected place.”

  • He is extremely unconventional in pursuit of his goals.

In The Case of the Lucky Legs, Perry quotes: “I’m one of the biggest gamblers in the world. I gamble with human emotions instead of with cards.”

  • He usually is on the edge of trouble and law yet with his tricky defense strategies gets his clients out of trouble.

In The Case of the Cautious Coquette, Perry is forced to set up an elaborate trap of brilliant deception to avoid being implicated in murder.

  • Perry never gives up on difficult and almost-hopeless cases.

In The Case of the Caretaker’s Cat, Perry says: “A lawyer isn’t like a shopkeeper who can sell his wares or not as he chooses. He holds his talents in trust for the unfortunate.” In The Case of the Drowning Duck, he says: “You can get what you want out of life – if you fight hard enough for it.”

  • He is not keen to jump into any relationship like how usually handsome heroes are supposed to in other conventional novels.

Perry knows he is not the type to settle down and is too committed to his work and the excitement it brings in.   Oh, how I wish Perry Mason was a real man and not just an imagination of the author. I would definitely be head over heels in love with him.   PMSeries   Perry Mason Books Series available here.

Book Review : Murder and Moonflowers by Leslie Leigh




The protagonist of this story, Melissa Michaels is a Herbalist/Dietician operating a market in the sleepy town of Catalonia, Arizona. One of her clients, Lauryl dies under mysterious circumstances from something that even the Medical Examiner cannot decipher. This gives rise to lot of gossip and speculations and the sheriff also has Melissa under suspicion. Who could be the killer? Is it Lauryl’s boyfriend, Nash or her niece, Cindy or someone else from the town? Fortunately, an unknown friend hires a Private Investigator, Brian to help Melissa and the two of them together race against time to solve this mystery.

Personally, I adore the genre of Mystery and this story has an interesting plot to keep me captivated from the start to the end. I loved the small town feel of Arizona. This is also a quick read as the book is just over 100 pages. All-in all I really enjoyed reading Murder and Moonflowers and would recommend it to readers who love mystery.

Author: Leslie Leigh

Series: The Herbalist

Published: Feb. 24, 2015

Genre: Mystery

Format: eBook

Pages: 117

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