Ipseity is looked down upon

As a threat to cultural norms.

You are treated as an outsider

And labeled as a snob.


Who is your friend here?

And who is your foe?

It is so difficult to decipher,

That you may never know.


In the midst of facades

And false social charms,

Can you stand your grounds

Where all seems just a farce?


To find a real face,

is not an easy task.

Coz it’s always well hidden

Behind a congenial mask.



Smile your way through life




Hold your head high
As you walk ahead in life.
Do not stumble on the way
Be it thunder or be it rain.


Smile your way through life
In spite of sorrows and despair.
‘Coz who did ever tell you
That life was meant to be fair?



Life is Beautiful



Desires of the distant past,

are fulfilled joys today.

Gone are the days of worry,

they are swept far, far away.


The promise of the future,

the wishes of the heart,

I watched my dreams unfold

and it was just the start.


Rewards of patience reaped

when the time was right.

Life was never so beautiful,

the world was never so bright.


My Guardian Angel



The Angel in the skies,
Showered blessings on me.
With mist in my eyes,
I looked up to thee.
Why oh why, so long did it take?
I asked, with a voice so full of pain.
Said the Angel; it’s not an easy game,
To sway the fate and change its way.
The path of your life
Was obscure all the while.
I had to rewrite the destiny
To make you smile.